FAQs and house rules

Important to know

Dear holiday guests! We look forward to welcoming you to our cozy non-smoking apartment, would like to provide you with some information and wish you a relaxing stay.

General note

The accommodation may only be used by the persons registered with the landlord.

Please close the window in your absence.
Heat evenly, ventilate frequently, please turn off the heating when ventilating.

If you have a claim or a device cannot be operated please contact us. We value your feedback to maintain the functionality of our service.

Arrival and departure

The apartment will be available for our guests on the day of arrival starting from 15:00 hrs time (3 pm). On the day of departure the space shall be handled over in due condition at 10:00 hrs time (10 am) latest. In case you wnt to leave later, we aim at making an arrangement at the 50 % price for another half a day.

Use of the internet

Access to the internet is included in the price. We will provide you with a password to access the wireless LAN. The password may not be shared with third parties. The access code may be changed by the landlord at any time, changes will be communicated on short notice. The successful connection to the internet with the technology of our clients can however, not be warranted. Furthermore it is possible that there is a reduction in transmission rate in case several users are online at the same time.

Holiday with dog and pet

You are welcome to spend beautiful days with your four-legged friends in our accommodation. However, you should note a few small things:

  1. It would be desirable if your dog / pet has liability insurance. If something breaks, it is easier for you and us to settle the damage.
  2. Dogs love to be in their familiar surroundings. To make it easier for the dog, you might want to bring his blanket or basket.
  3. For hygienic reasons, we don't have any bowls in the apartments, and some furry friends are a bit sensitive when it comes to that. Please bring your own bowl.
  4. The couch or bed for your four-legged friend should be absolutely taboo. Since we also rent to guests who do not have a dog / pet, you should pay attention to this. Guests without a dog don't want to sleep in a dog basket.
  5. If your dog / pet likes to wear long hair, it would be good if you bring a dog brush. Our cleaning staff will thank you if there isn't hair lying around everywhere.
  6. Since the use by dogs / pets means a little more effort for us, we allow ourselves to charge a weekly flat rate of €30.00 per week or part thereof.


Please park on the street. If it is full there, check whether the emergency parking lot next to our shed is free and use it.
Attention this parking lot is for all residents.

If the emergency parking space is also occupied, please look around on the streets for a suitable parking space.


Bicycles can be parked in the shed or next to the house. Bringing them in to the apartment will result in a cleaning and renovation fee of 180.00 €.

Bicycles can be rented according to the most recent price list after agreement with the customer. The bike will be available for normal use. In case of gross negligance we will forward the according service and parts cost to you. In case a bike is lost in your posession, we will charge you with 250.00 € for a replacement.


To avoid mold formation, we ask you to ventilate the rooms sufficiently, at least once a day for 5-10 minutes and especially after showering with the window open. Please leave the window in the bathroom open enough so that the moisture can be transported away.

Waste disposal

Paper (blue bin in the garden), glass (container Ehnernstraße), organic waste and residual waste (bins at the left entrance to the house), yellow sack (suitably place on the street/hang in the shed or leave in the apartment.

Room service at the end of your stay

Our final room service and preparation for the next guest includes the work for cleaning the apartment. We kindly ask you to leave the floor broom-clean, to empty the refrigerator as well as the waste and bio-degradable waste bins. Please also do the dishes and put it back in place. Also the stove and oven as well as kitchen appliances should be cleaned. In case of excessive staining tenant reserves the right to charge increased service costs.
We are asking our guests not to wear shoes in the apartments which are also worn outside.


Please handle the kitchen equipment and technical equipment with care. Since nobody is happy about a dirty kitchen, please only put crockery, pots and cutlery in the cupboards if they are clean and dry. Please do not place hot pots and other hot objects on the table or worktop without a coaster. Always use a cutting board as a base when cutting. Please leave the interior of the oven in a clean condition, just like the rest of the kitchen, when you leave.


Smoking is not allowed in the holiday apartment - not even at the open window. Please leave the apartment to smoke. Please dispose of the completely cooled cigarette butts in the rubbish bin - please do not throw any cigarette butts in nature or in the yard!

If we discover that smoking has taken place in this apartment, the guest is obliged to pay compensation. This means the procurement of a replacement apartment for the following guests as well as increased cleaning costs, these are calculated at a flat rate of €200.00.

Rest periods

In the spirit of being a good neighbor, we ask you to observe the public rest periods such as lunch, night and Sunday rest. Out of consideration for other holiday guests, silence should also be kept in the holiday apartment itself between 10:00 p.m. and 7:00 a.m.


Please never give out the keys. Loss of the keys must be reported immediately and the guest is liable up to the amount of the replacement costs.

Cancellation policy

In case of termination of the contract by the tenant a handling fee of 10,00 € is charged.
Furthermore there are the following cancellation fees:
– within 4 days after confirmation of rental: 20 % of the net price
– up to 40 days prior to agreed rental begin: 25 % of the net price
– up to 20 days prior to agreed rental begin: 50 % of the net price
– up to 7 days prior to agreed rental begin: 90 % of the net price.

Responsibility of the landlord

Liability of the landlord follows legal regulations. Compensation claims are independently of the nature of the breach of duty excluded as long as they are not caused by intentional or negligent acting. The use of paths to the front door, the staircases and the interior of the apartments is at the tenants own account and risk. The landlord does not accept liability for any goods that the tenant has brought to the apartment. Use of the parking space on the property is at the own risk of the tenant. The landlord will not accept charges for loss or any damage to vehicles and objects of the tenant.


No deposit

Unplanned entry

The landlord is eligible to enter the apartments on short notice for example to organize recently arisen need service works or in case of imminent danger.

Electric Power / Water / Heating

In the interest of environmental protection and in order to provide reasonable prices for our guests we kindly ask tenants to observe an economical use of these resources. Please open the windows several times per day wide open for two minutes while having the heating turned off. Next, please close the windows and turn the heating on again. When leaving the house we ask you to close all windows, also because of the risk of rainfall entering the room under certain circumstances.